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Palamar shapes raw data into forms with meaning and structure

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Business complexity hinders the ability of the enterprise to reach its goals. We simplify the business problems with our human-centric process-based approach.


Rather than focusing on a certain tool or method, we consider overall business. Our aim is to overcome bottlenecks and deliver the minimum viable product in shortest period.


The ultimate goal is to assist our customers be more efficient each day with continuous improvement of their system via our solutions.


A new generation intelligent document processing platform​, is designed to improve business processes, eliminate repetitive tasks and augment human understanding.

PalamarDocs Workflow

Layered Digitalization
Layered Digitalization

Customized OCR

Intelligent Layout Detection


Natural Language Processing

Extraction Rules

Image Processing

Intelligent Parser
Intelligent Parser

Complex Tables

Forms / Images

CAD Drawings

Validation & Verification
Validation & Verification

Data Validation

Easy Verification

Human in the loop


Easy APIs

ERP, ECM, DMS, CRM Integrations

RPA Ready


Deep learning based CHATBOT, a continuous learner in no-code environment.

  • Automate answering repetitive questions

  • Improve resolution time
  • 7/24 availability
  • Continuous Learner
  • No Code Platform
  • ERP Integration

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About Us

The company PALAMAR aims to establish a fertile ground for people across the globe but particularly from the strategic Eurasian region to recognize their own capabilities and put them in play. For this purpose, the company wants to develop ways to reach talented people of the region, encouraging them to follow their internal call to bring their full potential into full display. The company puts its basic confidence in its rigorously hired developers, believing that they could create essential value for innovation and improvement of cutting-edge technologies.

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